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Nov 27, 2006
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I've been super busy lately - which is good and bad! I haven't had too much time to post but I thought I'd share a few from my most recent session and the last one is just one I really liked of my sister and law and my baby Jace. Nice to see wvweyone and I hope I will have more time to post here!



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Some sweet shots and angles in this series! The standout for me is the 'princess' shot...love the colours. And the pose in the last one is great.
Some sweet shots and angles in this series! The standout for me is the 'princess' shot...love the colours. And the pose in the last one is great.

Ah, yes - the moody pricess haha. I know she's not smiling but I just had to include that one. ;) I love kids moody faces. THanks for the comments.
There seem to be a lot of people re-appearing after an absence today. Nice to see you again, love 2 & 4 - me and that b+w thing again...
Good to see you back! #1 seems a little soft to me, but I really like #3 and #4.
I haven't been around for a while either but I'm glad I came back the same time as you, because these rock!!
Good angles, good depth of field, nice job on the eyes and nice on the touch of over exposure on the faces(which is in demand these days)

I can recall not too long ago your comments on others work would start with the comment that you were jealous. Kathi you can bank on the fact that people are now jealous of your abilities. It has been a pleasure to see your work and confidence go through the roof in the last year.

Very nice work!! This time next year you'll wonder what hit you because you will be so crazy busy!

The pics of the little girl are adorable. The expression on her face where she is wearing the crown is priceless.

I agree with heip. You have really grown in ability and talent.

Always a pleasure to see your posts kathi. Keep up the awesome work. :)

I like them all, but the third one I love Kathi. The forth is really special too. Please don't be a stranger, your work is too good to not post.
Oh geesh, how'd I miss this one?

The little princess is to die for! And I love the sweet moment you captured in the last one.
Chris of arabia - thanks for your comments. I love black and white lately too, as I experiment more with trying to get it right it's a nice way to display certain feelings.

Hawkeye - thanks to you too. I was afraid it would be too 'different' for her mother but that one was her favorite. :)

JenR - I know... shot too wide on that first one - was attempting to make the eyes in most focus but I learned with this angle a little more should be in focus, maybe should try f4.5 or so next time.

Heip - you always say the nicest things! ;) I'm glad to hear you enjot them. I hope you're right about that crazy busy thing because I just love this job so much!

NJMAN - I like that expression too - she really was mad at me, she actually was growling for a minute there - end of the session the little ones get tired I think!

jsteudle - THANKS! I'm glad you think so. I am of course particularly loving the fourth one just because they're my family members but i'm glad to see others are liking it too. I won;t be a stranger.

Sweetsomedays - hi there. thanks - I'll be around more I havent seen any of your most recent, I'll be on the lookout.

sirsteezo - she was a cute little one - thanks for the comment. :)

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