i just got a canon pwershot sd 1000 for christmas and


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Dec 27, 2007
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fauquier county, virginia
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its wonderful. i love it. but...
can anyone tell me why my pictures look so great on the camera but when i upload them to the computer they look nothing like my pictures.
they are fuzzy and the colors are not as vibrant.
does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

- Em
Judging that it is a 7.1 Mega Pixel P&S its most likely your ISO (correct me if I am wrong), you probably need to turn it down to around 400 for outdoor shots and as well as indoor.

If thats not it then I don't really know.

P.S: If you need to know how to change the ISO, refer to the manual.
There are several reasons why your images may not look good on your computer. Looking at a small camera LCD is quite different than looking at your computer.

If the photos are truly blurry and fuzzy, what resolution is the camera set at? It's possible that you are shooting at a low res setting, say 640x480, which would look fine in the camera, but lousy when blown up on the monitor. Check your manual, and make sure you are shooting at the camera's highest resolution setting.
pixes, noise and all you know wad i mean don't ya??
and also, the picture is streched..if you resize it you know wad i mean..

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