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Aug 13, 2003
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$5 in quarters
My friend and i are thinking of setting up a darkroom. We talked to our photo teacher and he said he's willing to give us:

Bessler Printmaker 35

Old analog timer



Safe Light

Some other stuff i think

All for $175. Is this a good deal? I know I can go to him as long as he works at the school and he'd either service it or tell me where to get it done. Also, are there instructions anywhere online for building a darkroom?
I don't think this is that good of a deal; I think that about $100 is a good deal.
Just saw a Beseler Printmaker 35 on the online list of used equipment for a photo shop I go to, they have it at $169. They tend to be expensive though. Just for comparison sake!
Orie, what shop is that, I live in Portland and am wondering about good shops in the area, and recommendations?

Steve :D
Citizens Photo, on SE 7th and something a block or two south of Stark (Oak? Alder?) They are great, they are really nice and super knowledgeable, but as I said, a little spendy. You can get stuff cheaper elsewhere, but I have been buying there anyway, just because it is close to my darkroom, plus I just like them. :)

I haven't really been anywhere else enough to know how they are. I saw a shop in St Johns today that looked like it might be cool, called Blue Moon, that's kinda close to home, so I might have to check them out. I had seen a postcard for them before too. I bought paper at a Ritz (or Wolf, whatever it's called now...) and won't do that again, I think it had been around for a while, I don't think they sell a lot of that stuff. Of course there is Camera World and Shutterbug downtown. Never liked Camera World, takes forever to get anyone to talk to you...
Great! thanks alot for the info, i will make sure to check them out the next time i get on that side of town. :D


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