I know nothing about cameras or photography, need some advice.


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Oct 9, 2015
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I'll try to make this short. I'm going to start keeping bees next season and would like to sell photographs of my bees, probably mostly on flowers, to sell along with honey and other bee products. I have very little experience taking photos for school papers and recreational stuff, and no training. My current camera is this Sony Cyber-Shot http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Cyber-Shot-DSC-H70-Wide-Angle-3-0-inch/dp/B004H8FNEE.

I've seen beautiful photos at bee shows and figured I needed a better camera to get that quality, but I'm realizing from reading on here maybe I'm more limited by inability then my camera. I'm also realizing from this forum that staying in my target budget of $200-$300 is pretty unlikely. Any advice on my situation or recommendations for equipment would be appreciated.
From the spec, it said the Macro focus distance is 5cm (a little less than 2 inches) which you can have your camera positioned at least 5cm or longer from the subject to take a close up photo.

Did you tried to take a outdoor macro type photo with your camera?
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Most of these cameras have a macro mode—some setting signaled by an illustration of a flower. That’s the best setting to use for focusing on close objects. Look for it in the camera (if you can’t find it, read the user’s manual) and experiment around shooting some close objects at your house or anywhere.
I'm wondering if having an off-camera flash would be your biggest help with that? Something like a flash on a bracket maybe.

You really need a tripod to get sharp macro shots. It doesn't have to be an expensive one and even a cheap one will improve your macro shots more than anything else at this point.
Thanks a lot for the replies. I'll experiment taking some pictures in macro mode and look into tripods to see what kind of shots I can get. So it seems most people would agree a DSLR wouldn't make a drastic enough difference to be worth it?
DSLR will help, but experience and know how is more important. I took some bee photos with my Cell phone before (Bee taken with my cell phone. | Photography Forum) For the same phone, if I had a DSLR, marco lens and light with me at that time, it could be better and sharper.
So take some photos with your current camera and see. Then come back and post the result to see if we can give you some additional hints.
So it seems most people would agree a DSLR wouldn't make a drastic enough difference to be worth it?
It might, but that does not mean you’ll be able to uncover its capabilities, or that you would even need them. Try what you already have without spending another penny, and if you’re satisfied with the results—great! Just keep using it. If you aren’t, the best thing would be to upload some examples of images you’re dissatisfied with, and we’ll try to find what went wrong, and if it could be improved with the gear you already have.

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