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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by BossSavage, Jun 18, 2004.

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    I want to know if becoming a photographer is somthing that I want to do in life. I love to take pictures but until I know that I am good @ it I won't know whether or not to follow this career choice.

    I don't have a darkroom to make my photos and film. I have taken photography at my school, and I know how to do everything but I have no other DarkRoom available to me now, now that school is out for summer. Is there anyway to find a room to use? I can't afford a darkroom of my own, because I don't have the money to spend.

    I prefer to use Black and White film, but I am also curious about color. Are there professional photographers that use color or is it mostly the most 'artistic' Black and White that is used?

    If I were to buy the film that you can get done @ WalMart, could I still use the prints (even though the sizes aren't very professional, and dodge/burning, or cropping isn't done) are they still suitable to use? Are the negatives sutable for more 'professional' photos?

    The pictures that I take are mostly Landscapes. I take pictures in the mountains, in the middle of the city, or in the country side. I know about composition and all that jazz so that isn't the main concern. I need really to know about the film to use, if Black/white or color is better, or if there is a way to 'rent' a darkroom from someplace


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    wow that is packed.. first off black and white vs color really is up to you, there are pros that shoot both so what ever you like is what i would go with, also if you are going to process your own stuff black and white will be much easier also you need a color lab for color and those are limited, now on to darkrooms, there are places that you can get memberships to or rent around many cities, i used to work at one in columbia missouri and it was like 25 for half a year but i would look around you home town ask your teacher and they might be able to tell you about local places
    i hope i helped out
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    Depends on what you mean by "professional."

    If you include the photographers who shoot for magazines, portrait photographers, wedding photographers, etc then yes, pros shoot color.

    I think it's generally accepted that the photogs who work for National Geographic are top notch. Walter Iooss, Jr.'s work for Sports Illustrated and other sports entities is absolutely breathtaking (imo).

    As far as film, pick a good "pro" film and use it until you're comfortable with it. My preference is Kodak Portra, especially the Portra UC (I think they're changing the name to Kodak Professional UC or something like that). Fuji and Agfa also make pro quality color print film.

    You might also want to experiment with slide film such as Fuji Velvia, a beautiful, very saturated color slide film. One advantage of slides is taht they're usually less expensive to process, since you don't get prints. Then you can have the ones you like printed. Good sharp slides can easily get you 11x13 prints, maybe larger.

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