I Need help (S3 IS or E0S 350D)

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Hair_MD, Nov 29, 2006.

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    I am tossed up between the S3 IS (new) or a used 350D (Canon Rebel Digital XT). They are both withen the same price. I do not like the fact that the 350D does not have a multi angle LCD, am i just being picky?

    Is there anything i should look for when looking at the 350D. anything to be aware of?

    can anyone give me any opinions on either of these cameras.

    Please help me make a decision...

    Thanks for anyone's help.

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    Here is a side by side comparison...
    You are comparing two different kinds of cameras. The S3IS is a pretty good digi-cam...but the Rebel XT is a Digital SLR camera.

    The most important difference is the size of the sensor. The S3IS is 1/2.5 " and the XT has a sensor that is 22.2 x 14.8 mm. A bigger sensor means better image quality...especially at higher ISO settings.

    The XT will hold it's value much better than the S3IS...even though it's already discontinued. Even better than that...the lenses for the XT will hold their value much better than just about any digital camera. Yes, buying lenses can be expensive...but at least you have the option to upgrade the lens...or get a lens for a specific purpose. With the S3IS, the lens you get is the lens you are stuck with. When you buy an SLR camera...you are buying into a system...and most things are interchangeable and upgradeable.

    I don't know how the S3IS is for shutter lag...but every digi-cam I have tried...has terrible shutter lag. A DSLR camera will be very fast, which is good for action/sports/kids etc.

    The main benefits of digi-cams...is that you can use the LCD screen to compose the shot...you can't do that with a DSLR camera. The articulated screen on the S3IS is great...but not worth all the other trade offs IMO. They are usually smaller and lighter...but the XT is quite small and light for a DSLR. Also, digi-cams can usually capture video...DSLR cameras can't.

    As you see....this really isn't a good comparison. They are quite different animals. The XT is by far the better camera...but the S3IS has it's conveniences.

    My advice...get the XT and get serious about photography :thumbsup:

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