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Nov 4, 2006
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strange i have a picture just like your first one. the last two i really like the contrast is good perhaps the last one in pure b\w would look better?

overall i like the last two, the first one is just to much sky with to little of a subject.
Oops, your second photo presented is going to leak soon! The water will run out of it on the left! Quick, straighten it to prevent this from happening!!! :shock: ;)

I like the last very much. Simple scene, just the island with the copse, the windblown water and the clouds. But - like cameramike - also I feel a straight b&w might work even better.

Nice attempt with the bird, but it is really too small, I feel.
thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
HAHAHA I thought that the first two were one picture and I was trying to figure out why there was a gray band through the center of the shot. Now i realize that it's two pictures. Ohh i feel like such a ditz sometimes. I agree with total B&W on #3 and straighten #2
i like the first, but i love the third!

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