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Oct 14, 2007
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Guys i recently bought Nikon D200 and i started taking pics , and all pics came sharp and clear, but suddenly one of the person near my area whom i told to click some snap of me ( who is a photographer) changed the setting and took some the pic s , and those pics came out very professional quality in common wether ligthings . hightlight , contrast and saturation came out wel and fantastic but later he reseted again the settings . i asked him he dint told , he just smiled and went off. guys can u pls tell which is the best setting in nikon D200 to get profession quality pics . in day and nights i mean like

in daytime sunny and cloudy time , what setting should i keep in custom

in sharpness, tones, saturation, colormode 1 ,2 , 0r 3 , , as well as in night time
The simple answer is that there isn't a "Professional Quality" setting on any camera. There is no setting that will work with any condition and any day or time. It's all about knowing how to meter the scene, expose it properly, compose it properly and edit it properly. I suggest some reading from the book "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Petterson.
Professional quality takes a little more than just settings. If there were a perfect set of settings for day or night or whatever, all photographers would just use the "program scenes" on their cameras.

You might try looking around online for photography lessons and tips and then play with your settings and shoot away. This site http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech.htm has some really good information.

Also, ask your coworker if he'd be willing to give you a few lessons or tips. The worst he could say is no.

Know what the answer is? Read the manual, get to know your camera and then change the settings based on your needs.

I own a D200, and I will also tell you that there is no magic "professional" setting.

I think you just learned what your camera can do in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing. ;)

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