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Nov 23, 2007
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It was a lot of fun, but when we went to Manhattan my parents and siblings wouldn't stop walking so in result most of the pictures look like crap. Anyways we went to queens to see where my dad grew up and i got some awesome pictures. I only finished post editing 2 but i'll probably show more soon. I would love any and all Critiques.
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They look pretty good! The only problem is in the first the vignetting is a little strong

and for the second my eye is drawn to the lock on the right which is out of focus(not really sure why)

but other than that they are great. the texture on the left lock is great
Thanks for the input, is it worth fixing the vignetting or should i just leave it?
that is up to you. personally I would just lessen it a bit so it is less obvious but still focuses your attention to the middle portions of the image but you have the final say
Alright thanks, i took your advice and i changed it, i probably should've done it awhile ago but I'm lazy so whatever. Anyways, thanks and for any who care it's at the top post.
...when we went to Manhattan my parents and siblings wouldn't stop walking ...

Oh, isn't that problem a familiar one????
Only with me it was DH who wouldn't stop walking...
You really have to go to shoots on your own, and take TIME, TIME and more TIME, isn't it so?

I like the motifs in your two chosen shots, though none of the two really says "NYC" or "Queens" to me, they could have been taken anywhere. Personally, I am no fan of vignetting, at all, but that is a subjective matter and need not affect you and your post processing.

And I don't see any Photojournalistic Element to these. So I will move this to the General Gallery. It gets more traffic, too.
Thank you for moving it, I wasn't sure what they qualified so i just put them were i thought they bets fit.

I know exactly what you mean, you do have to go by yourself, if you go with others who don't do photography they get impatient. Problem is I'm only 14 and i won't have my license for another 2 years, so until then..I'm stuck with the boring local shots or the fast walkers.
They may not say NYC to you, but In minnesota, i've never seen ANYTHING like that before so i thought it was kind of cool.

THanks for your input, and again thanks for moving it.
i really like the second one, it takes advantage of focusing to really draw your eye to the subject
photo 1) I really like the vignetting, and would almost like it darker to be quite frank.
It'd also be nice to see it with little more pop.. some more contrast perhaps
photo 2) very neat!

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