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    I want to respray my car myself but plan on taking a few weeks to do it properly. As it's my daily drive I need another to take its place. So I'm after one of two cars. A Rover P6 (don't ask, I just do :mrgreen: ) or another Triumph Herald. If I get a P6 I'll keep it standard for a few years and probably sell it on. It'll probably be used for the motorway work seeing as my current Herald is doing 5,462RPM when I'm doing 90mph ( :oops: ). If I get a Herald I'll mod it eventually. Fully stripped, 1300 engine, TR5 profile cam, large valve, etc. And not sell it. Well, actually anything with a Mk2 Herald chassis. So a Vitesse would be good as well. Or a 13/60 (which I have).

    Went to look at a Herald 1200 yesterday. Very nice, but the gearbox was out, the body where a rear out-rigger joins had gone and I had no idea if the car ran. So really nice, just not for me. So now I've very frustrated again. :(
    I'm trying to phone a local guy who's selling a P6 2000. I'm assuming it's a SC and not a TC.

    If you know of any classic near you going dirty cheap, let me know please. :)
    Oh has to be pre-73 as well, so I don't pay tax. ;)

    Rover P6

    Herald 1200

    What I'm respraying - photo is an insurance one taken last year, got black plates on now, looks much better


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