I won my first photo contest...


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Dec 28, 2008
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Waunakee, WI
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A heli website I frequent has a monthly photo contest... The winner's shot gets published in Model Aviation magazine...

Here's the link, my username is the same there as it is here.

RunRyder - (April 09) Model Aviation Monthly Photo Contest - Page 1

I know it's nothing big but considering the quality of some of the other photos it makes me feel good:thumbup:
Congratulations! :thumbup:
Great job. I just so happen to be a member of RunRyder as well.
RC HELI pilots UNITE!!!!!

LOL. Got a few heli's myself....and of course.
My one of my toys...
Cool. What do you fly?

I have a Raptor 50 & a Sceadu Evo 50, both with OS 50 Hypers & Youngblood pipes. I've been eyeing up a gasser, but haven't made that leap yet.

I've got a number of fixedwings as well......

Damn, hobbies are 'spensive....
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I fly a Trex 450SE, Blade CP's, and a Hirobo XRB.....and what ever else someone drags to the field looking for help with.

Had a MX400, but killed it in stall turn low altitude pull out and the gyro gave up....turned sideways on me, and sprayed parts everywhere...LOL
Nice... I had a Trex 250 and a Vibe 50. I decided that paying off credit cards takes priority so I sold them both:thumbdown:

I've also had a number of Trex 450s, a CX2, and a Trex 600N. I get in and out of various hobbies too often:lol:

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