If you missed Mardi Gras.... then check it out here. Warning R rated photo's.


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Feb 4, 2012
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Okay this is my first thread on this forum. So I feel I need to say a little about me. One I'm a party girl. Two, I enjoy a good photo op. Three, well Madi Gras in New Orleans is a great place to party and take pictures. I invite all to come even is vicariously.

Please give me feed back on what you think I could have done better, changed etc.

Before you give feed back I do want everyone to know that I loss my UV filter and took most of my shots with one hand on Auto focus AV settings, with a glass of red wine in the other hand. It's the only way to shoot Mardi Gras. :lol:

Mardi Gras 2012 - a set on Flickr

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I give up, I find it to hard to figure out how to upload pictures to this forum. Other forums are not this complicated. I feel like I have to jump through hoops and trum cartwheels to post a picture here. It's frustrating and difficult.

This forum was recommend to me by someone else, and I just can't figure out how to post a picture. Until they make it more user friendly, I'll just go back to the other forums which are friendly to the user and do not require looking and reading 1000 words on how to post a picture. I just don't have time for this, I should be out taking pictures not trying to figure out some difficult way to post them on a forum.

Uless someone can give me a quick reference on how to post a picture on a thread, I'm forced to leave.
I've tried, it just tell's me it an invalid URL address when I try to paste from Flickr. So clearly that does not work. Try again with another suggestion.
Ummmmm....clearly you need to try again.....=)
Flickr click YOU
Click on a picture
Make sure the BBcode is checked off
Copy paste box

1000's of people do this everyday w/ out problem.
This is literally all you have to do. Make sure "BB Code" is selected, and copy the text in the box.

I did that, it's not working. Let me try again.
But I'm a female from New Orleans, we're all Melodramatic. It comes with being a southern women.

IMG_3683email800px | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Err, no it doesn't. I'm quite Southern, but I am allergic to melodramatics. Although, I'll grant, I'm just a Single southern woman, not several of them. I can see where being southern WomEn would make one melodramatic.

Good luck with that photo posting; it really is as easy as o hey tyler and the rest are making it seem.
The hard part was photographing one handed and tipsy, I'm sure you can figure this one out :sexywink:
Your right , I err on saying we're all, I should have said it's common or not unusual for a very fem southern women to be Melodramatic. The others are highly allergenic to us who are prone to drama.
I guess I'm having a bad day, or week or month with this site. Once I get it, I should be find. I'm following all the directions, it's just not working for me. Thanks for the imput, and I'll keep trying once I get over the frustration.
Do you have photo sharing turned off? Is that why you can't get the BB code or something? Does your "Share" window display the same as in the picture I posted?
Love it, your good, so I say: Maybe THAT's the problem. I should have a drink in one hand and a camera in another. If I can do that, hopefully I can do this. Right now I've got to go clean my house, or I'll be a single women again when my husband comes home.......and yes he helps clean up too. If fact he does more of it then me.

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