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    Got me a wild hair to do photography. I do everything to the max so I picked up some junk lots off Ebay. Couple boxes of cameras, flashes, and such that folks were unloading. Multiple old cameras and lens mostly that nobody cares that much about. Heck, even all the darkroom gear in lots.

    Received it and tried to figure out what I had. Old cameras called Pentax, Yashica, and Mamiya Sekor. No understanding what I had........I just put a 300x lens with a 2x multiplier on the Mamiya and took this pix way across the yard. I put in a dark bag to load then processed it. Bought me a cheap Epson scanner to digitize the negatives then uploaded to Walmart for a 12 x 16 or something like that. Framed it and replaced one of those cheap fake paintings on the wall in my house.

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