Ihagee Dresdan Exakta Camera


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Feb 28, 2012
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New Mexico
I found this camera in a box of my grandfather's stuff after he passed. I've have no idea where it came from or how long he'd had it. Identifying marks on camera include:
"EXAKTA" written in white on back background above lense
"IGAHEE" and "DRESDAN" on either side of the lense
"USSR Occupied" on right near dial

Lense is:
Steinheil Munchen Auto-Quinon
f+ 55mm

Came in a hard brown leather case with "IGAHEE" in script across the front.

I've attending to search online for any information about the age of this camera, I beleive it was made between 1956-1963. Maybe the US version of a popular german camera. I'm not able to post pictures for whatever reason, I'll try again later. But in the meantine, any ideas?
The Exakta cameras are a famous line of SLRs with many fans. There is lots of info on the web about them.

BTW, that's a very good lens -- I have one.
The "USSR Occupied" means it was officially imported into the US and that it's a post WWII model. It'll won't be a Varex as that name couldn't be used in the US so will be a V, VX, VXIIa or b most likely, all great cameras.


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