I'm going to (attempt to) fix a lens


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Jul 3, 2011
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I made a post earlier kinda related to this, but this is a new question. I have an old Vivitar Series 1 24-48mm lens for my Minolta X-700 that I picked out of a box of "junk" stuff at work. Good news is that it had been stored with a Hoya skylight filter on it, so the glass is in perfect condition. The bad news is that the zoom ring doesn't turn and the aperture blades have some oil on them. I'm assuming the oil from the zoom ring made its way through the lens and down to the aperture, but I'm no detective.

Anywho, since the lens didn't cost me a dime I'd figure I'd go ahead and open it up myself. I have plenty of experience taking apart small electronics (I work for iFixit, if you've ever heard of them), so I'm not too worried about the actual disassembly. I've read that soap and warm water will take care of the oil on the aperture blades, but what about the stuck focus ring? I have a feeling that the lubricant for it is probably dried up, so what can/should I use to replace it?

On an unrelated note, I feel like TPF should have a repair section.
If it won't turn at all you have more than a lack of lubricant. Probably got dropped and something got dented or broken or dislodged, and is interfering with the ring turning.
I guess if that's the case I'll deal with it later. Any input on what to use if that's not the case, though?
Id recommend a heavy weight grease and only use a VERY small amount of it. But that's just what common sense tells me, I've never done any work to a lens.

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