Im looking for Lenses for a Sony CyberShot DSC-F707


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Sep 18, 2007
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I got the camera for christmas, and it has a really cool lens/zoom and such, but i want better effects (like fisheye, softning, stuff like that).
I have $110 to spend, and I still dont know exactly what.

I cant buy online (issue with e-bay. We got ripped off and my parents wont sell/buy online anymore).

I can shop at stores though (Best Buy, Circut City, Walmart, exc. Any shop in St.Paul, MN or Eau Claire, WI)

But any sujestions on what to get?
All I really have is the camera, batterys for it, a carrying case, and a tall tripod.

It dosent even have to be lenses, I am also interested in backdrops && lighting. And flashes for the camera. And maybe even a computer editing program (I have PhotoImpressions 4, not the best).

But yea xD
Sony CyberShot DSC-F707, anything it can use I want sujestions xD
It dosent matter the price, I can save up if I really want it ^^
Lightroom is nice to have. CS3 is good...if you're a student, both are much cheaper than normal.
It's hard since you can't buy online. There's really no need to avoid online. You just have to be smart about it.
I want to use online stores and such, I really like Amazon, they have alot of choices.

My parents lost $200 though, and they are hardheaded about this stuff and wont let me use paypal or anything x.x

You mean the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom thingy? That looks good, but a bit out of my current price range. Im a Highschool Freshman, so there is not real point in my photography yet, untill atleast my Senior year, then I can take a class in it, then for collage im going to take some classes, but thats years away. So I dont know how much of a "need" a program is.
The f707 is a bridge camera and it has a fixed lens. Therefor, you aren't going to be able to get different lenses for it. You can get those crappy adapter lenses that screw onto the front of the lens, but they are really a waste of money. I am thinking the 707 has a pretty nice zeiss lens already, no? But with bridge cameras, you can't swap lenses.
Oh I was thinking of some screw on lenses, but if they are crappy then forget about it xD

Now what, lol? Probly look into some flashes and such? Maybe a macro ring, is that what you call it?
Oh I was thinking of some screw on lenses, but if they are crappy then forget about it xD

Now what, lol? Probly look into some flashes and such? Maybe a macro ring, is that what you call it?

a ringlight?
Or a macro flash?

I guess you could use both for the same purpose...but a macro flash unit usually has adjustments to make both sides different power as to control shadows.

That's WAY outta your budget if lightroom is...
I have the F717. Basically the same camera. There aren't really any accessories you can buy for it that will yield you any better photos. You could buy a decent photo printer though if you don't already have one. Or a case for your camera.
Lol, ok outta budjet x.x

Photo printer, yea that was something I was thinking of getting, since our printer is crap and barly works (I only use it to scan my drawings onto the computer).
In that case, check out this Epson printer at Best Buy. It's $99, has a scanner, and gets great consumer reviews. I don't own one, so I can't vouch for it.

Here's the printer I have. It's $142 at Best Buy. If you like it, maybe you could convince your parents to spring for the extra $40 or so. It's a popular printer, has a scanner and is super simple to use. It also gets excellent consumer reviews. I do a lot of research before I buy anything expensive. I've printed photos with it and you can't tell the difference between the printer, and professionally developed photos. It also prints CD's, envelopes or just about anything. It will print 8x10 photos. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this printer.

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