Images Save Direct to Laptop?


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Mar 13, 2005
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Birmingham, UK
Hi All!

Im intrested in plugging a USB lead from my camera to a turned on laptop so that the images are saved directly to the laptop so I can take thousands of pictures and save changing cards.

I will positioned in the same place, so it will be fine. But... I dont know how you do it? Anyone got any ideas?
What kind of software did you get with the camera??

You don't say wht o/s you are running...but in the case of xp i'd bet if you just plugged into usb your camera would be found as an extra drive, then just copy or move your pics to a folder on your pc. Rember to have charged batteries when doing this or you may loose some of your images.
Im using Windows XP.

Yes I could do that but I dont want to have to copy and paste to a folder as i will be consently photoing and cant miss any shots. So my laptop would be on in my bag with cable plugged into the laptop to the camera.

Any ideas?
Have you tried the software that comes with your camera?

Check out ZoomBrowser

If you want a really convenient and effective way to take indoor table top photos, use the Remote Shooting function. This function allows you to change the camera settings and release the shutter from your PC. And pictures you take this way are saved directly to your PC, so you can enlarge and view your shots immediately on the PC screen, making this function perfect for techniques such as macro photography

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