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    Please read the following Rules before posting images and/or comments in this gallery.
    These Rules are to ensure that this Forum remains a friendly and safe environment in which to discuss your work.

    1. Copyright: Post original work only. Copyrighted images from magazines or other sources, including the Internet, are strictly prohibited.

    2. Offensive Material: This is a public forum that can be viewed by anyone, including minors. Please remember this.
    Moderators reserve the right to remove any photographic work or text they consider obscene, offensive or in bad taste.
    If in doubt, ask a moderator for advice before posting.

    3. Intent: The sole purpose of this gallery is to critique photographic material. Using this gallery for any other purpose, especially the promotion of Political or Religious views, will not be tolerated.
    Breaking this Rule will result in your post being deleted.

    4. Image size: A lot of people using this forum are still using dial-up and big images can be slow to load. Image size should, therefore, be at or below 150kb, unless significant detail is lost, and should fit on screen.
    If you do post a large file, please put a warning in the title so that people are aware.

    5. OTE: (Okay To Edit) Whilst some folks won't mind if you repost a corrected or edited version of their photograph, others will.
    (If you do not mind if your images are edited, please put OTE somewhere in the post where it can be seen.)
    Do not edit or modify images unless OTE appears in a post or in the posters signature.
    Criticizing an image does not automatically give you the right to alter it.

    The use of OTE only allows people to edit images and re-post them within this Board. It in no way negates the originators rights under International Copyright Law, nor does it give anyone permission to use or re-use, in whole or in part, the image, or any edit of the image, by any means or for any purpose outside the confines of this Board.
    The copyright owner of the original image is also the sole copyright owner of any edit of his image, regardless of who edits it. The person doing the editing has no rights to the image in any way, nor may he post it anywhere outside this Board without the specific written permission of the copyright owner and he may not claim, or imply, that the edited work is his.
    Anyone who breaches this Rule will be reported to their ISP and the relevant Copyright Protection Authority and will face prosecution. They will also be permanently banned from this Board with immediate effect.
    Membership of ThePhotoForum implies complete acceptance of this Rule

    6. Posts that do not comply with the above Rules will be removed.
    Repeated offenses may result in loss of membership.

    The Critique Forum

    The aim of this Critique Forum is to be a resource and learning centre for Forum users. It is a place where people can post pictures that they feel they need help with in some way in order to receive advice and guidance from other members.

    In order for this Forum to function in a useful and effective way it is necessary to have some guidelines within which to work. This is so that everyone knows what is expected of them, and what they can expect from everyone else.

    Guidelines for posting images:

    1. Only post images that you feel you need help with, and only post one at a time - unless you need to post several for comparative purposes (for example: colour, sepia and b&w).

    2. Explain what it is that you would like help with.

    3. Provide, if possible, exposure details and information about camera and lens. Was it shot on digital or film? Include any details of post-processing.

    4. If you have no problem with others editing your images and reposting for critique purposes, include OTE in your post.

    5. Include a little context with the picture. What was the situation you were in and why did you take the photograph.

    These are only a guide. Try to give as much information as you can. It may not be essential to for the purposes of your critique but it is helpful to others who may like what you have done and want to try something similar for themselves.
    At the very least state that you want a critique and give some indication of what aspect(s) you want people to comment on.

    Guidelines for posting comments:

    1. Try to refrain from criticizing things like the sharpness of the image, the brightness or the colour balance. These are most often caused by the image host, or your monitor. But do mention them just in case.

    2. When making a judgment or stating an opinion, please try to give reasons in support. Saying that you like or dislike something is of no help unless you can explain why.

    3. In general try to keep your comments focussed on what the poster wants help with, but if you think other improvements could be made please make suggestions.

    4. When giving specific advice (cropping or exposure, for example) please try to give reasons to support why you think this would improve the image.

    These are only a rough guide. In general just try to be as helpful as you can.

    Enforcing the Guidelines:

    The Guides are there to offer a framework within which to ask for, and receive, help with images.
    In order for this to work it is important for everyone to follow them – and for everyone to support them.
    If an image is posted without any information then a request to provide information will be posted in the thread and one sent by PM.
    It would be helpful if Forum users helped with this and refrained from posting any comments in the thread until the matter is resolved.
    It could be that the image was intended for the Photo Gallery and was posted in the wrong forum.
    Persistent offenders may have their posts moved without notice.

    JonMikal & Hertz van Rental - Forum Moderators.

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    Nov 8, 2004
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    Where am I now?

    The Critique Gallery is distinctly different from the other sections on this Forum because it exists to perform a specific function.
    It's function is to provide a venue for people who have a problem with a specific image, where they can seek help or advice.
    It may be a technical problem or fault, concerns about composition, lighting, a model's pose or something else. Whatever it is it will be something reasonably specific that is causing the photographer some concern.
    We have had problems in the past with members using the Critique Gallery as an extension of the General/Landscape Galleries, which is why we have the Guidelines. Now it appears that History is repeating itself.
    You should only post images in this Gallery if there is a specific aspect or problem which you feel you need help with. Along with the image you need to include as much of the information requested in the Guidelines as you can.
    You must include your reasons for requesting a critique and a clear statement as to what it is you want help with.

    General comments such as 'what do you think?' or 'all comments welcome' are no longer acceptable.
    If you want a general comment on the image then post it in the appropriate Gallery, not here.
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