in between hello && goodbye.


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May 5, 2006
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firstly, i talk too much.
i say too little at important times,
&& say too much at quiet times.
i used to love photography.
then i lost the modivation,

&& forgot it ever existed.

until a met a boy,

who changed things.
he taught me that
take photos, && keep them forever.
[because they never change,
even if the people in them do.]
& as funny as it sounds,
we haven't spoken in years.

&& there i go again,
talking too much at an unimportant time.
i live in australia.
yes it is beauitful,
yes our goverment sucks just like everywhere else,
yes i do want to leave & travel often,
no i don't enjoy living here,
no it's not because of australia itself,
but you learn that so many peopel are closed minded,
&& there's more to see than kangaroos & koalas.

i hope to make a friend or two.
if not through,
i'm ehere for the photography too.


welcome to tpf! :)
Feel very welcome on ThePhotoForum. :D
Welcome to The Photo Forum
Stick around and post some more
I have enjoyed reading it

I just started here as well. And have already found a corner to call my own. :)
A warm welcome to you,
Enjoy your stay!

...and post away,
post away...
I'm with Rob and Welcome you from the right....

...sdrawkcab tfel eht morf dnA

Y del centro en español.


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