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Oct 30, 2007
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In Last months Shutterbug there was an article that compared high end digital Point and shoots to DSRL's. This was kind of something that caught my eye and I'm glad it did. I read through the article and it was talking with i believe a 12 MP camera to a 8 MP DSRL. It showed that at different ISO levels the higher megapixel P&S was actual not as great. I figured as much but it still caught my eye. I dunno if you can get it anymore cause its off and theres a new one out but it was the november issue its only 4.99 US and i mean its a great magazine. If i find the time maybe I will write the whole thing out for you guys. IT was a lot more in depth then what I just put in. I dunno great little article. Maybe if some people who shoot P&S saw it maybe it would change their minds on their next camera purchase. haha. Check it out if you can.
Megapixels are not a good determinate of quality. They are more of amarketing tool, sensor size has more bearing ont he quality of an image among other things. I bet the 6mp D50/70 takesbetter photos than any 10 to 12mp P&S.
What is the better deal for the same price... a slice of pizza taken from a 16 inch pizza cut into 8 slices, or a slice of pizza taken from a 10 inch pizza cut into 12 slices?

Yes, the answer is obvious (or should be). Same goes for light and optics. Sensors translate photons into electical voltages. They take information from our analog world and translate it into the digital world. The more data is has the more accurate the system can be. The more photons that fall onto a 'pixel' site on the sensor the more data it has to work with. More photons can fall onto a large pixel than they can onto a small one. Pixels on sensors can be made larger if the overall sensor is larger. They can also be made larger if there are less of them to fit on the sensor.

If our pizzas in our example were both pepperoni and sausage pizzas. A smaller slice from a smaller pizza might mean that I get a slice with no pepperonis on it :(

So goes the physics of our world. Whether it be pizza or sensors, more is always better :)

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