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Jun 9, 2014
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Dearborn, MI
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the thoughts of danger to me personally never entered the calculus in taking photos. On May 5, 1969, I was jarred into reality from what sounded like a huge explosion. I grabbed my camera, jumped into the car, and in short order, found the source of the explosion. The old Bronoco Chemical Company, just west of downtown Louisville, had suffered a huge explosion of unknown origin at its tank storage facility. While police and fire were responding, I managed to get within a block of the conflagration. I managed to get off three exposures before the police hustled a number of watchers, including me to a safer area. I was the photographer for a volunteer rescue squad, but my badge seemed not to hold sway with anyone. To be honest, I saw no danger from the tops blowing of the storage tanks; all I saw were some amazing images.

This image was the first of the three, but remains my favorite. Taken with a Petri FT, Vivitar 135mm f/3.5 preset, and Ektachrome film. Exposure setting are lost to history.

Bronoco Chemical Fire - Louisville - 05-05-1969 - Take 1 - For Upload.jpg
Hmm, you really had that Photo-Journalist mentality.
I remember a someone who used to have a Police band radio and seek out an opportunity to document things ... a friend from College.
Nice shot. for the longest time I thought that accidents only happened to other people. Now people seem to try their best to knock me off my motorcycle so I have a different view now.
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To be honest, I saw no danger from the tops blowing of the storage tanks
:biglaugh: Yeah, then we all get older and appreciate danger more, right? Good on those first responders to hustle you out of there.

Terrific shot- very dramatic. Glad it's stood the test of time.

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