In Ruins

I think it would be an interesting shot but that tree in the foreground is just too distracting. I realize you can't do anything about it, but depending on the lens you are using, could you get between the subject and the tree? That might also give you the ability to get a tighter crop on the subject. The blown out portion upper left also draws the eye away from the subject, but the tighter crop would probably take the sun right out of the shot.
I couldn't change composition and still get the whole thing. :( Using 18-50. Maybe once I get my 10-20.
Heres a different angle, closer in...

DSC_0033 by Robchaos, on Flickr
You found this? Did you know it was there ahead of time? Any idea what the story behind it is?
I knew that the location contained some stone foundations of old houses, but I had no idea that altar was tucked away back there. I had stumbled upon it ask during a previous hike. As far as I can tell, it was housing for the workers of the ilchester mill around the turn of the century. (ilchester mill pics can be found in my photo stream if you're interested. I'm going back this weekend when I'll have more time and better light.
The same image can create different thoughts in different people; my feeling is that this image would have been incomplete without that tree.... I really like the composition and the tight framing here...but i am not that confident regarding its second version

Regards :D
Thank you! I prefer the first version as well. It was a fairly dense first so framing wa s only possible from one vantage. I think the tree completed it for me too.i am going back tonight if weather is good to see how the sunset looks behind it:).
I wonder if maybe you were able to creat some depth or seperation between the tree and subject (with fill light, off camera flash as a backlight maybe) it would look better (to me). It just seems to blend into the altar, for me anyways.
I'm going back there tomorrow tso I have enough time to set up my tripod and find good vantages and framing. This was a brief hike on my lunch break I only had about half an hour to explore and photograph!

Anyways, on suggestion I desaturated one, and also did some BW conversion, and here are a couple more from the same location.

DSC_0029-2 by Robchaos, on Flickr

DSC_0048 by Robchaos, on Flickr

DSC_0005 by Robchaos, on Flickr

DSC_0008 by Robchaos, on Flickr

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