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Feb 22, 2009
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Pittsburgh, PA
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I just got my Olympus EVOLT E-410 last night and I've been dying for the sun to come out and get some shots, but as you can see here, I couldn't wait. :lmao:

These are just some shots using a 14-42mm lens, auto settings and auto flash. I just wanted to test out the camera a little.




Thoughts, opinions, criticism and the like are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.
Well. Congratulations to your new camera!
And thoughts about your very first test photos start and end with: "Well, test shots. Yeah. Okay!"
Right, well, to me that green leaf is nice because it is green, but all in all they are ... what they are ...

Test shots.
Yeah, thanks! I'm so happy about this camera.

As for the shots, I know they are simple test shots, unfortunately, since the sun is not coming up. Any thoughts on the quality of the shots? Sharpness? Correct WB?
Congrats on the new camera.

Did you do any post processing of the images? Or are they straight out of the camera?
All of them are straight from the camera. I'm not at home with my iMac or I may have done something to them with Photoshop.

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