In Them Old Cotton fields Back Home


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Mar 29, 2016
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"When I was just a little bitty baby, my mama would rock me in my cradle......" was recorded by many over the years. My favorite rendition was a toss up between Johnny Cash and Creedance Clearwater Revival. While I was shooting these, that song kept playing over in my head. There's a sea of white all around us, as the farmers started defoliating in preparation for picking. A few from the field.

Daylight trying to break through the cloud cover.
cotton fields 202220220925_5769.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

The old pump revisited just because
cotton fields 202220220925_5753.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

Long Sunset
cotton fields 202220220923_5737.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr
Favorite is #2 with the old pump

I really need to see if they'll sell it. Would make some cool yard art for the back yard.
Very nice smoke, my favourite is also that great cool looking old pump.
love the second.

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