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Industrial semi-abstract


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Feb 16, 2006
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Blocky protrusions on the side of a factory at Boston, Lincolnshire. Are they intakes, filters, vents or what? The light, shadows and reflections (as well as the interesting shapes) drew me into the shot.


For more info go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com/2008/01/industrial-semi-abstract.html


That is the coolest duct work I have seen, nice shot.

Have to ask, how did you find yourself on a roof, or was this behind a building or something?
Thanks for the feedback Marcus & Tattrat. I was some distance away behind the perimeter fence Tattrat, which fortunately had large enough holes for my lens. The ducting was coming out of the side of the building. I must admit I felt a bit like I was engaged in industrial espionage, taking this shot with a 300mm lens.

Regards, Tony
Well, industrial espionage (or just feeling like pursuing in that) or not, this is one other ever so nicely spotted and composed photo of yours. Sometimes I wish I saw more of those things. I really need to get myself around some more to also find such patterns (but right now, after you have moved all your rain eastward, all I could do would be a Study Of Raindrops, no more ;)).
Great shot. Maybe if you gave the company a copy they'd give you a pass to take more, then they'd know you as a photographer and then you'd be getting all sorts of jobs from them. Give them a 12x8 copy with your card/details on the back.
Thanks Corinna & Nossie. I was going to present this shot in B&W, but my other half said the colour version was best. The recent bout of rain has meant I've kept a longer lens on my camera (to avoid the dreary skies). More of this type of shot to come :wink:. Interesting thought re selling Nossie. Might try that.

Regards, Tony
tb2, although there is some staining on the ducts, I still get an overall surgically clean impression. I like it. ron
Interesting thought re selling Nossie. Might try that.

Regards, Tony

Tony large companies need shots of their premisis more than you might think. They have a constant stream of clients wanting to see how things are done, where it's done and who's doing it. So that shot with a nice cover letter could be big opener for you -I hope so. Good Luck!
As always, you have a great eye for an interesting shot!. This one looks soooo '3D' with the shadows on the outermost part of the ducts. And the stripes of yellow really add something, IMHO, so I'm glad you kept it in colour.
This is certainly a very interesting subject to shoot. in particular the composition you chose plus the light which defines the shapes so clearly, and still is not harsh ... beautiful

However, for my personal eye, the balance of the image is shifted notably to the left. Did you consider a square crop?
Thanks Antarctican & Alex. It took a bit of waiting and a few shots to get this one. I consciously tried to stay away from a symmetrical composition on this one Alex, and moved right of the subject to get the modelling as I wanted it. I also felt that the strong, full, yellow stripe, the black pipes, and the expanse of ridged metal with its glow gave sufficient "visual weight" to the right of the shot to balance the left of centre position of the blocks. However, I can see that not everyone might see it that way :wink:.

Regards, Tony
yes, i realised the yellow stripes, and they are symmetrical ,and the shiny structured metal in the background certainly has a weight. but the main structure to my eyes is very bulky and heavy, so it drags a lot.

Hey, this was only a minor thing anyway ;) As I said, I like it!
I really like this image. I'm not sure yet what it brings to mind, but I find myself fixated on it

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