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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by fadingaway1986, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I think I posted here a while ago about an ingrown toenail...

    Well, on tuesday, I had an appointment with a specialist...

    I have been put on the waiting list for an operation to remove part of the nail and the cells that make it grow...

    In the meantime, the specialist told me... That if I soak my toe twice a day and wash it using shampoo (he said DO NOT use soap, it clogs your pores and prevents the skin & nail from breathing)...

    Then moisturise the toe & nail using something WITHOUT purfumes etc (he suggested sorbolene as its natural)...

    He said if I do this twice a day (and no less) that most people find this clears the ingrown toenail up, and most people call him back after a couple of months and ask him to cancel their operations.

    Well... Two days later, my toe is no longer red, and I don't have a huge lump of skin next to my nail.

    He said the reason this works, is my nail is hard & therefore it is hurting the skin. The lump I had is just the infection the nail is causing. (We thought the lump was actually the nail pushing the skin out)...

    Now... What I want to know... WHY COULDN'T MY DOCTOR HAVE TOLD ME THIS?

    Instead he told me to cut a V in the middle, which just caused more problems... (I told the specialist thats what my doctor said, and he said that is completely wrong).

    I went to the doctor about 5 years ago, and thats what he told me. Then I went about 3 months ago, He told me the same thing, I said it didn't work, so he sent me to a specialist that took that long to get an appointment with.


    Vent Over... So anyone with a ingrown toenail try that!

    I just fill a bucket (or a foot spa) with water, and add a few drops of shampoo (only add one if using a foot spa)...

    Soak for about 15 mins... Then pat dry with a towel... And moisturise with sorbolene.

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    I wish mine had told me that as well. I got told the "V" thing as well, and it didn't work at all. It got to the point where it was so infected the nail which was inside the skin (where it had cut into the skin on the toe and was no growing) was soft and mushy. :puke:

    Glad yours is/has healed up. :)

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