Instagram Contest: Capturing The World’s Summer Vacation


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Aug 6, 2013
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imonomy wants to gather the most amazing summer vacation photos on one feed. They are inviting amateur and professional photographers to share their most artistic photos on Instagram, which capture real people on their summer vacation. In order to motivate photographers to join, the contest winner will receive a free 40×40 inch printed canvas of their picture. imonomy is inviting everyone worldwide to join from ages 16 and up. The photo feed can be found on the imonomy blog or on the Instagram feed #imonomysummer.

How To Enter:

1. Upload a picture from your summer vacation onto Instagram
2. Hashtag #imonomysummer

3. Write “Pictures they talk” after the hashtag

Contest Page:
imonomy Summer Instagram Contest - #imonomysummer | imonomy Blog

Top 10 photos will be featured in an imonomy blog post at the end of the contest. The Winner will be picked by a team of judges from imonomy’s staff. See full terms and conditions.

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