International Photographers’ Plein air – Varna, Bulgaria 13 – 22 May 2010

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    [​IMG]International Photographers’ Plein air – Varna, Bulgaria
    13 – 22 May 2010

    Be a part of the spring revival of Varna, the so-called Queen of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast! We offer you romantic adventures in the wild nature; a memorable visit to rock monasteries and king’s palaces...

    The event is organized by the “Sea Blue” Association for International Cultural Management (, an experienced organization maintaining high objectives and creative ideas.
    We invite photographers (professionals or students in photography), more than 18 years old. The Plein air is planned for May 13-22, 2010 (10 days). We offer you a unique chance to visit and photograph some of the most strange and mysterious cultural, historical, archeological and natural sites in the Black Sea area:
    - The Aladja monastery – a Bulgarian rock monastery (40 meters high) dating from the early Middle Ages. Monastic cells and a small church have been dug into a sheer rock that was a part of the ancient Sarmatian Sea’s bed;
    - The Yailata country, a seaside terrace, located in the North Black Sea coast region; a bay, surrounded by stone blocks and luxuriant vegetation, fascinating with numerous old civilizations remains and with its wonderful flora and fauna;
    - Balchik – one of the most picturesque Black Sea coastal towns, founded 7000 years ago. The so-called “White town” sprawls scenically along hilly terraces descending to the sea. Balchik has a unique atmosphere due to the combination of its old houses and streets and the charm of its Botanical garden and the Palace of the Romanian queen Maria;
    - Varna – Bulgaria’s biggest resort city on the Black Sea, an inheritor of ancient civilizations, the so-called “Pearl of the Black Sea coast”.
    The main goals of this plein air are: to be an international meeting for professionals from all over the world, who will exchange some experience during their stay in Bulgaria; to popularize Varna’s unique cultural heritage by means of photography; to popularize the art of photography; to discover new talents on the national and international photo stage.
    All the participants will present some of their works in the exposition that will be organized in an art gallery in Varna. A catalogue will be published.
    Terms of participation
    1. The candidates must be 18 years of age or older - professionals or students in photography.
    2. The participation fee is charged per person and it is 1350 EUR. The fee covers accommodation for 9 nights, breakfast and dinner during all the stay (and lunch during the plein air days except the free days).
    3. Local transport (going and return), to the sites that have been chosen for work areas.
    4. Printing of 3 to 5 pictures (at your choice), made during the plein air, that will be presented at the enclosing group exhibition.
    5. Catalogue participation. The catalogue will be published after the event and sent to all the participants.
    6. Registration deadline: 01.04.2010.

    The candidates must send a short CV and portfolio (no more than 10 pictures) to the e-mail address of the Association:
    Please, contact us also for any further information - the plein air detailed program, more information about the sites, the hotel etc.
    Be a part of the International Photographers’ Plein air – Varna, Bulgaria - May 13 – 22, 2010!
    Support the good photography ideas!


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