International Rose Test Garden - Portland, OR


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Jan 6, 2007
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Portland, OR
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Is in bloom! Sadly, it's also packed the gills. So many people out this weekend it was literally elbow to elbow. Didn't lend itself to getting good shots. Only got two that were really worthy of keeping in my opinion.

Comments and whatnot welcome!


Love the first one. Colors look really good and image looks sharp! Any PPing done in extent?

Second one doesn't do as much for me. Leaf at the bottom right is covered on the edge by a shadow from the lighting above. A bit harsh for lighting a flower personally.
I like the first one a lot. The colors are crisp.
Your first shot is simply lovely. I'm not so keen on the second one though.
Thanks for the feedback!

For the first, adjusted exposure a tad and added a small vignette to fade out the background a bit more. Other than a minor tweak to exposure and the vignette, colors are straight from the camera.
Been looking to get to the test garden, as well as the upper Grotto where they have the flower gardens. Japanese and Chinese gardens look very photogenic as well. I love Portland:peacesign:
Sweet! Someone else from Oregon! :biggrin: The first photo is great, second not so much..

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