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Nov 22, 2007
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Silicon Valley, CA
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Hello TPF users! I have just found my new hobby and look forward to interacting with this forum. I know I will learn a great deal from this forum and want to thank you all in advance. :headbang:
Hi K, welcome aboard.
Hey! Welcome.
Thank you very much for your replies. I guess I should have talked a little bit more about myself. I'm still an undergrad student graduating this December with a Business Marketing degree. I took two years of photography classes in high school and have always been meaning to get back into it. My gf buying me a camera was what finally pushed me into it. I just started to actually get this thing off of auto mode and be full manual. Be prepared everyone, as I will be asking a lot of questions. Yes, I'm a super noob. Another passion of mine is riding my motorcycle and going to the shooting range. Thanks again.

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