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John Duncan

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Nov 22, 2007
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Birmingham, AL
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I've been taking photos for quite a number of years, and have been trying to get serious for about 10 years. I purchased a used Nikon FM2, and used that for a while until I got my first digital, a Nikon 4500. Eventually, I got a D100.

I mainly have been shooting reference photos of museum artifacts for my website, which deals with the Apollo era moonlanding equipment and rockets.

I dabble in landscapes and family kid photos.

Hi! :)
Hi John, welcome and don't forget to post, post, post...
Welcome aboard John, glad you found us. And it's good to see another John on the board. (can't have too many john's in the house :) )
Hello and welcome. Enjoy your time here.
Thanks! I was looking for a friendly environment, I hope I found one. :)

Some of the other forums are so snobby....

I'll post some images soon.


(maybe I should have used an alias....so many nicknames around)

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