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Dec 31, 2009
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I am fairly new to photography; I have been shooting with my 7d for a few months. What I'm wondering is what the best way to get into selling photos would be? I shoot local sporting events and have done some senior pictures, but I also want to photograph Maine as we enter fall and get into winter. I was thinking that personally creating a website where I can sell photos directly to clients would be my best bet, but I'd love to hear the thoughts of the experienced sellers out there.

What I'd like to know ultimately is works better for those of you who shoot in a similar manner: Microstock photography or a personal website?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I hope I don't upset those of you "photo gods" who believe that: this site, the web, photography, and the world are all in the midst of, as I have coined it, 'the great collapse' (yeah, I read your meltdown thread).

P.P.S. Chill out - embrace the new photog's, help them, and allow them to develop as artists themselves.. You needed help when you started getting into photography, yes?
You had me on your side until the PS and PPS. Was that really needed? :meh:

You want to sell landscapes and fall style images? Just having a website is not going to work. Its about marketing. Getting your name out there. An option would be to print out some of your best work and head to a local trade or faire or something of the sort where you can be out there and have people see your stuff.

Fall colours and images would go nice in a farmer's market or something like that.

If you are looking at just selling via a web presence, its all about networking. Getting your images seen is key. When enough people start to take notice, then the buyers will start to come out. Post them up on flickr, in groups... enter them in contests... it takes time, but possible with determination.

Alot is through word of mouth though, specially at first. A couple I did a wedding for a few weeks ago asked me for an image of an area to give as a gift to a guest. I did a nice shot, printed on canvas (16x24 me thinks). They loved it. Since seeing that piece, 2 other people from that wedding have asked me for prints of some work.

Had a friend who wanted a piece early on. I gave it to her as she has been really supportive. Her friend saw it and wanted it, so I sold her one. Her mom saw it, liked it, asked for other work from me... made another sale that way.

Was out shooting speed boat races with a friend. Had pit access, shooting away. A guy asks if my pictures are for sale, I said they can be. He told me that boat 104 was his cousin and he doesnt have any shots of the boat and would love to give him one and is willing to pay. So for 1 race, I shot the boat, came out with 12 nice shots, posted them up, waiting for him to ge tback to me (might never, but I had fun anyways).

All that to say, getting your stuff out there and yourself being out there is key!

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