Iphone/iPad release form app


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Jun 29, 2012
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I just downloaded an app called "easy release - model release app". I have it on my phone and ipad.

I was wondering if anyone on here has or does use the app to have models or wedding parties sign for their events. Also how good it is and how well the stock contract is on the app. The app seems really awesome and a great tool for me to use. Especially considering I haven't made any of my clients sign anything for the couple jobs I have done so far. Most work I have done was for free for family anyway and they don't care about results really. It's more for me to practice technique and get comfortable with my camera skills. But the few paying jobs I have had I did not make anyone sign a release form of any sort or contract. Just simply showed up, shot, and collected the bacon.

So what are people's thoughts on this app as far as how well it is?

In case people don't know the app. You can upload your own contracts to it. It also lets you take a photo with your phone or ipad of the client to attach to the contract. And they sign right on your phone or ipad. Then the app will also email a PDF and a jpeg copy of the contract signed by both you and the client to both of you. Sound awesome.

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