IR Wireless Remote Control for Canon Reviews

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Nov 4, 2009
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The Canon IR wireless remote control is matched with wireless shutter remote control, the remote control can be used to reduce body shake when pressing the shutter, under the slow shutter used with tripod. Canon SLR cameras in general use of the RC - 5 type wireless remote control, camera shooting way first set to the remote control self-timer mode (single shoot, continuous shooting, self-timer) . At the middle finger in the hand holding the camera (shutter below) there is a small window to receive remote control signals, generally within 5 meters, 30 degrees, toward the camera's receiving port can operate.

Applicable models: Canon EOS 350D 400D 450D 550D 60D 7D 5D MARK II 5D MARK II, which are infrared receiver SLR cameras.

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