Irish hunger


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Nov 5, 2008
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heres a shot from the irish hunger memorial on manhattans west side.
its a neat little gem a couple of blocks from ground zero. the entire memorial is perch on a slab that juts out of the ground and rises into the air... the path leading towards the top makes you feels as though your on a rock ledge in ireland.
views at the top overlook the statue of liberty.

link to larger: Flickr Photo Download: irish hunger memorial
That's a beautiful pic :) but the grass, and to some extent the rock, at the bottom right are a bit distracting even though they are out of focus.
Not bad ... but I think the perspective is too much lowered. The dark grass in the nearest plane does not make a good overall impression.
thanks for the opinions..
i guess what i was trying to go for with the grass is to be on ground level to give the feel of lurking in the grass.
now im wondering if that doesnt work, if theres any chance i could save this photo with croppin??

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