Is it okay to put a lens with grown fungi into a drybox full of other lenses?


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Feb 1, 2015
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Hi there. I just purchased a dry box because I think that I'm getting serious in photography and want to take care of my gear. Now I have various optics but the oldest lens which is the kit lens has fungi grown on its rear element.

I'm worried if the fungi could've spread to other lenses. I'm going to clean the affected lens next week so at this moment is it okay to join it with other lenses in one dry box? Thank you :)
Would you put a rotting apple in a bushel of freshly picked ones? Of course not. Fungus spreads just as easily as germs or bacteria, just like a cold running through your whole family.

Keep the fungi-laden lens away from 'the good stuff'. I might even keep it in a different room!
Thank you @jaomul & @bratkinson for saving my other gear's life. The infected lens is now good after a service which costs about $100. such a great punishment for not taking care of my equipment. Not only the rear and 2nd rear glass but a glass in the middle was also replaced. the lens can now join the other lenses in the same box. case closed.
Actually only $100 sounds surprisingly cheap, considering that the lens has to be disassembled and reassembled.

They simply replaced the lens elements ? Whow.
lol..its just an entry level kitlens..the service cost is 1/3 of its price brand new.

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