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Dec 9, 2011
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Long Island, New York
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Been trying to re-do a sunset I posted a while ago, but just doesn't seem quite right. So I tried to re-edit it to place more emphasis on the clouds. Now I'm not so sure if I went too far. Not even sure if it now under exposed. What do you think? Any and all CC's welcome.

Mount Sinai Harbor 8copy by jaw101, on Flickr

Mount Sinai Harbor 8copya copy by jaw101, on Flickr
I prefer the top photo. The bottom one looks like overdone HDR.
I agree with Derrel -
It's pushing it into the over processed zone. While the contrast might make you think it looks better, it starts to halo more and lose that graduation.
Agreed, the first one is far better. Second one is way too overdone.
I really like the first one; imo, the only thing really "wrong" with the first one can't be fixed in post anyway--that is, I would like to have seen a little more of the ground, and a little less of that topmost, center cloud. But the shot may not have allowed that.
I took a similar sunrise photo recently, from my backyard, and if I'd shown as much of the ground as I'd have liked, it would have just been distracting because there were too many buildings and light posts and "suburbia" elements that would have been seen.
Thanks to all for the comments. I guess I sure did push it way past what it should have been. Next I'll know better, and just leave well enough alone.

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