Is there something wrong with my camera? Please help


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Jan 18, 2008
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I recently bought a Nikon Coolpix L15 , the camera is a starter model with a resolution of 8 MP , 1000 ISO , 3x Optical zoom , and as far as I know the lenses are 5.7 - 17.1 mm. I don`t know much about cameras but I will just go to the subject. All my images come out blurry or very low quality. I have to mention i never had a digital before but I know how to use all the functions of the camera. Below I will post 8 photos taken in normal lightning conditions at home , with resolutions from 3 MP to 8 MP, no flash or any other setting. Please tell me if the pictures are normal for this camera. I am posting this because I have noticed a foggy dot inside the lenses. Please post any opinion. Please zoom on them to see the actual resolution. Thank you.


IMAGE 7 Here I used the zoom to close up
I think the biggest problem here is camera shake. Try taking some pictures without physically holding the camera and you should get sharper shots.
Hey there,
i'm sure your camera is perfectly fine if it's new. It does look like a bit of camera shake, even though you think you might be still, odds're not. Even the smallest amount of movement will create images like this.

If you use your flash, you'll notice a HUGE difference. Looks like your shutterspeed was too slow. Do you have the option of shooting in manual mode on your camera? Were you shooting in automatic mode?

Also, give yourself a break here. You're new at this and it just takes some time and practice.
The first shot had an iso of around 700, which for that light wasn't necessary IMO, try shooting with a lower iso of 400 or less. Also, the shutter speed is too slow(around 1/8th of a second) on the first picture, which unfortunately picks up any camera shake.
The second one is even worse @ ISO 800 and a shutter speed of 1/5th of a second :(. That's definitely the culprit. It also says you're shooting in program mode, try just auto setting for now. The metering is set to pattern as well.
just curious...are you holding the shutter button half way and then pressing the button fully to capture your shot? Also, turn your ISO down. Are you shooting in auto mod and its auto setting your ISO to 1000?
Thank you for all your replies. Yes I am shooting in auto mode, and I think I cannot set the ISO at all , it is automatic. I have read many posts about the ISO and I understand it is very important , but what can I do if I cannot set it? I will try more shooting tomorrow at least I know the camera is okey, it`s brand new hope I don`t have to get it back to the store. The shutter speed I think it is also automatic , I will have to read the whole manual and practice a little more. If anyone knows if I can set the ISO and Shutter speed please let me know how, also how can I see the info of the file (ISO etc..)

HighLife I am keeping the shutter button half way down before I capture the photo , I read the manual and it sais this way it focuses best the shoot.

Thank you all
I read that you cannot manually set ISO and shutter speed, but you can make sure the flash is on and/or shoot in places with better light so the metering doesn't think it is too dark and bump up the ISO. What I do to view the info on a picture is save it to some place on my computer, right click it, go to properties, and all the information is there. I'm sure there is a better way but that's how I do it.
how can I see the info of the file (ISO etc..)

If you don't already use the Mozilla Firefox browser I would strongly suggest it. There is a plug in for the browser that allows you to view the exif data and a recent update that also lets you enlarge the picture in another window also.
I had this same problem with a cheaper Sony point and shoot. Only, I shot in Program mode so I was able to force the ISO to whatever I wanted. Keeping it forced to automatic ISO but 400 max still gave me extremely grainy and blurry pictures. I ended up taking it back as I could not get a good picture at all. Even forcing the ISO down to 100 outside in a lot of light resulted in horrible grainy pics.

Some cheap cameras are just not of good enough quality to take pictures in anything but extremely bright sunlight. I think it is a big hit-or-miss when purchasing a ~$100 camera. Some take fantastic pictures and some are garbage. It's a shame that manufactures are only out to make a buck no matter what garbage they sell.

I'd take it back and do some research on sites like and to narrow down a camera.
I tried many more photos with all kinds of settings , it seems to me that the most detail I can get from a photo is using the flash! Is everyone else here using the flash too ? What does this mean is my room not getting enough light?
sounds like a combination of the lack of light in your room, the fact that you can't change your ISO and due to the slow shutterspeed you're getting shake. So, a combination of those 3 things will give you orangish shots that are blurry and grainy. Using your flash will definitely help as you can see. Try going outside and taking some shots during daylight, preferably on days where it's overcast...WITHOUT using your flash. You WILL love the shots you get.

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