is this any good C&C please

It's a bit tilted giving it an off center look while trying to be centered.
It definitely gave a bit of a fear of heights feeling! The nearly square crop isn't working for it either. Straighten and crop out the excess so the waterfall and spill basin are the whole story. I'd like a little more of the angle to make the fall flow through the image.
Move to your right so you're dead-center with the spillway.
I basically disagree with everything MLeeK posted, and find the composition itself to be intriguing and viable as is, lending itself to a bit of abstract which piques my curiosity to view it in more detail. If I want to linger on a photo for any reason, it usually means that it's getting me on some level, and that's good.

From my POV, I think just a tad more contrast and saturation to make it pop a bit might help.
thanks for the comments guys, appreciated,ill take your comments on board
could you give me some C&C on this pic please let me know where im going wrong etc

Well it's under exposed, a bit murky, and the light basically sucked.
The composition is interesting. Though the main leading lines pretty much go right to the cemter of th frame, the curved secondary leading lines we find that start there in the middle of the frame keeps the eye moving to the bridge the ultimate destination.

I took the opportunity to play using Lightroom 4 Beta:
not suck but like pointed to the edit needs adjust. Interesting perspective, I too got a good feeling of height from it.
thats a big improvement kmh thanks it was really foggy today thats why the light was poor im totally new to photography ive yet to start learning editing techniques but ill get there thanks again:thumbup:
I like the reworked image. It really does give a feeling of hanging over the edge. It might just be me, but I find the snow covered ground in the upper right a little visually distracting. At first glance I thought it was whitewater, when it's clearly not.
i think the frost on 1 side and grass on the other makes it more unusual
when it gets a bit warmer and the frost goes away ill go back and take some more

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