Is this girl beautiful or what?


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Sep 9, 2004
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Lucky enough to have a friend like this that lets me practice on her...






beautiful shots
i'm also not a fan of the soft look - not ALL the time anyways
but these look really nice
i think the ones with the guitars would look nice sharp but that's just my opinion
well done :)
Yes, very beautiful.

...She looks just like a girl I used to know. It's kinda weird.
Her name isn't Molly, is it? :lol:
Lucky enough to have a friend like this that lets me practice on her...


Beautiful Model. Seriously. I've also been blessed with a LOT of gorgeous friends and it's always nice to have someone around that can boost your portfolio.
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I'll be perfectly honest though, this last picture is the only one that really catches my eye. I always find it important with my photography to stick to the shots that make my models look their best. I know the pictures you posted were technically great, but when it comes to this model she clearly has a 'look' as evidenced in this last pic. I don't think the other pictures do her justice. She's stunning, and I think the only pic that properly captures that is the last one, despite how technically perfect the shots are.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, when you're going with all these props and different set-ups make sure that you're keeping your eyes peeled for a look or a moment that really captures the beauty of your model. You don't want to waste a good opportunity to add something to your portfolio.

I get the impression that she doesn't model much, which I'm used to as well. The key is to see the 'look' and then do what you can to try to get it back while keeping your finger on the shutter release.

All that said. Some amazing shots, and a gorgeous friend. I think she looks really awkward in some of them though. The last looks like she's comfortable and damn sexy but not in a trashy way.
I'm getting like Whitesnake flashbacks.... :lol: Soft focus, I'm not a fan either.

I do like the last one, looks most natural, better pose. I like the shirt as well.

If she's not now, someone should scout her for film/TV work. The camera likes her you can tell that.

Oh ya.... lucky dog you are. :thumbup:

My friends that fit into this category all want to know if they're gonna get paid for 'modeling'... they're not even models, they're mercenaries. :mrgreen:
Soft focus is a personal preference...either you like it or you don't. I think it works sometimes, but am not a fan of using it. Your model is stunning and the poses are well done.

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