Is this light leak?

John Hurly

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Mar 24, 2021
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I was hoping someone could tell me if this is light leak on my photo (bottom half, green streaks).

I recently bought a new Zeiss 1.4 Planar Lens and I'm using a Yashica FX-7 body.
I'm hoping it's an issue with the body, I'd hate to return the lens.

Any insight would be appreciated!

I don't see a light leak. I would have metered the background and popped a flash on the subject.
I'll bet a nickel the negative is very light, meaning it's underexposed.
If you want to check a light leak just simply shoot some dark consistent background on long exposure (2-3s for example)
It's not the lens.
I'll bet a nickel the negative is very light, meaning it's underexposed.

Haha yeah, I know the photo itself is overexposed. I didn't think it would cause green streaks however. Is this a side effect of film?

This would be another example, towards the bottom of the image: 8725_00023
Overexposed or underexposed?

Overexposed = dark negative. Underexposed = light negative.

Yeah, the green streaks kinda look like light leaks. But since they're all green, I wonder if it's a processing issue. Did you soup this yourself or go through a lab?
They show up more when the image is darker, but they appear to be in the same place on the frame, and "pointing" the same direction. That makes it the body, as far as I'm concerned. I don't see how any processing operation could make them all the same like that.

Shoot something darkish with a relatively long exposure, several frames of the same thing, and look at the results.
Too much agitation during development causes those (sprocket hole) streaks.

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