Is this the beginning of the end of microstock?

Jeff Colburn

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Aug 6, 2007
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Sedona, AZ
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No that's not what I think, Stock kept a lot of good photographers above water in lean times, since digital a lot of the major players were swallowed by the two biggest companies, now they've started on the smaller ones too, so with the monopoly comes the drop in fees, Pro's will not work for the smaller fee, its not worth your while, but like the article says there's any amount of nobody's out there who just want their pic in print, the outcome, small fee and a lack of outstanding stock photography, but Getty and co still rake it in. There wasn't an abundance of images daily when shooters had to submit slides, the reason, most wouldn't know how and couldn't chimp so less commodity=high prices, photography has been devalued substantially in the last ten years by the digi format, not the greed of companies, they just pick up the pieces. H

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