Islands of the Sea


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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The Garvellachs (aka the Rough Islands, or Islands of the Sea) from my recent holiday. Just getting through processing the shots I took, and this was one I didn't think of much after I clicked the shutter, but I'm pretty pleased with it now it's processed and cropped to panoramic format. On this evening we had one of the best sunsets I've seen there, and I was out and ready for it this time!

Islands of the Sea by wee_pete, on Flickr
Nice image, looks treacherous to walk across.
Thanks Kirk, most of the island I was on wasn't bad. It's one of the slate islands which used to be the centre of the slate mining industry in Scotland. The slate is very pretty with chunks of iron pyrite in them, which adds a bit of blig to a grey stone. The benefit is there's not much weed, or biofilm, so the rocks aren't terrilbly slippy, though they can move easily. This part is the roughest exposed part of the island, most of the rest is quickly sloping shingle or quarries that are a couple of hundred feet deep.

I've fished areas that look innocent, but the rocks are so slippy it's a real hazard of snapping an ankle or dislocating a leg. With full gear those places can be fairly dangerous!

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