it was a dark and stormy night...


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May 23, 2003
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Andrews AFB, MD
and i decided to take some pics:
this one started it, i wanted to get the tree being blown by the wind, sorta caught it...

then i realized that there was some nice lightning out, most turned out pretty crappily, but i got a few like the next three



and then i captured this big MoFo... (click for a big pic)

what ya'll think?

BTW - before you ask, i got very lucky with the capture, to tell the truth, i just half-assed it, at least in photography it seems like i can screw around and come up smelling like roses
i varied the time, i'd hold it for about 10 seconds on some pics, 20, or 30 on others, they all turned out about the same, except the last one had a nice t-bolt in it
basically i just set the f-stop to let as much light in as possible, then used the cable release and guessed
cool lighting .. im scared of thunder :(
Totaly agree, something about thunder scares me to death...

Cool lightning shots... :thumbsup:
nice lightning shots.

The first shot is pretty fuzzy. and i've also noticed there are light spots? u know the octoganal things. It a nice angle though , I liek the idea and the sidewalk is really cool
Yike! I can't believe how many branches came off of that big one. That's amazing! Great photo!!!


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