It's as If the World Was Suddenly Enshrouded in Mystery


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Jul 25, 2014
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NW Florida
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Well, when the fog is heavy it pretty much is just that, enshrouded in mist-ery. ;)

I like it a lot, looks like layers and layers.
This is really lovely. Terrific reflections, and I like your composition that showcases the effect. I'm wondering what a tad more contrast would do, 10% or less? Have you had a play with it?

But a fine image - good work. :thumbyo:
That's how it was here on Saturday. Sadly an experienced pilot died when he lost his way in the soup and crashed his small plane about a mile from our house. Witnesses claim they heard the engine and the wreckage was strewn across a large area, as if he came in under power. He had left Louisville, KY inroute to his home in Merritt Island, FL so not sure why he was so far off course. The FAA is investigating the crash.
I played with it five ways to Sunday and what you see is what looked best to my eye...though a tad more contrast is still pleasing.

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