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Jun 16, 2005
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Crumb! TPF has it ever been a while. I have been receiving a few hits on my blog from here so I had to check it out again and I see it has changed little and a ton all at the same time. Not seeing too many familiar faces (err... screen names?) although it is great to see so many new faces and new interests in photography. Hooray!

I should really come here more often because I have delved into (wait for...) film photography! I just picked up a Mamiya M645 1000s, aptly named 'The Hunk', for personal work however I have shot a few frames with it at some engagement and weddings so.. I have plenty to learn. I develop BWs myself (and kind of suck at it, but working on improving that) and adore the colour of film. As in, I kind of hate digital now. But alas enough about me. I can't wait to see what everyoen is up to :)

I guess I will share a few images since this is a gallery (really I didn't know where to post my zombie-esque return to the forum but.. here we go)

Shots from the Mamiya during a one day trip to Seattle

... and the Calgary C-Train

Shots from a very uber short engagement session in Vancouver




...and shots from my most recent wedding in my backyard of Lake Louise :)




.. and here is my uncle in Ontario. Because we all need a bit of laughter here and there ;)

In short, hope everyone is well :)
Peanuts, so great to see you back, and posting such FRIGGIN' AWESOME shots!!! Wow.
Well.. I see spam is still a common thing here.. at least it is more interesting these day! :lol:

Than you so much you three. Antarctican a familiar face! hooray!
Peanuts, great shots as always. Tremendous shift in mood between the two series. Thanks for that. :thumbsup:
Ooh more familiar faces! Thanks so much. Yes.. black and whites are kind of my pet projects i am working on refining.
Awww, :hug::peanuts!!!
Good to see you here again, and you're back with your usual (if not better) quality photography, I've really missed seeing your photos, as they've always "spoken" much - and I see that nothing has changed. So keep posting and showing us your brilliant photography! I'll be looking forward to that.
Hey Brittany, good to see you posting again, your work is as good as ever :thumbup:
Well.. I see spam is still a common thing here.. at least it is more interesting these day! :lol:
By 'spam' I take it you mean the ads that appear between posts. That came in with the new owners about 22 months ago (or whenever Chase sold the site...I can't recall when that was.

I hope you keep posting your pics...I've always admired your work.
Ah! Even more familiar faces.. and of course Arch's wonderful photo.
Antarctican, there was after my post this nice spiel about what is wrong with a baby's eye infection or something like that. Very random, but highly entertaining.

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