Its been awhile... set down the camera for a while and now i'm back... a few photos


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Mar 27, 2011
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Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Hey to start off i'm very new to photography.. i got more interested when i got a little point and shoot camera to take with me, but i decided i'll hopefully get back into it as spring approaches... heres a few i took in the little town next to my house... still learning the camera and messed with some long shutter speeds.
I'll hopefully get another camera for graduation...

this was around christmas time with the christmas lights on with from a bridge going across the lake.

DSC01064 by CoryDcarlson, on Flickr

the reason i like this one is the shutter speed was pretty long but the photo came out pretty crisp.

DSC01089 by CoryDcarlson, on Flickr

thought this one was pretty cool with it looking like the lights are spot lights with the christmas lights.. would be cool if someone or something was under one of the lights like a cool car or something.

DSC01084 by CoryDcarlson, on Flickr

Thanks for looking! please feel free to give me some pointers its all much appreciated, when it comes to editing i dont know really what i'm doing i just mess with it until i think it looks cool... haha
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