It's big, it's heavy and it's almost 60 years old...

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Jun 13, 2015
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...but I didn't buy this Mamiya Press 23 to collect, I want to convert this camera and also use it as a stepping stone to design a lighter model with Mamiya or preferably Hasselblad lenses. In the Netherlands, this model Mamiya Press has not been for sale for years, so after much hesitation I'd this body shipped from Japan as a birthday present for myself. I've owned the 50mm super wide angle, viewfinder and film cassette for several years now. I've had the idea of tinkering with cameras, etc. for quite some time, but due to all kinds of situations it actually stayed with ideas so far, well, my plans are ready so now I've to try and get them finally realized.

(below a rough impression of a possible convertion I've in mind, the camera body and film cassette should be completely black and without the leather cover)
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I use another mamiya boat anchor, an RB67. Absolutely love it and even use it for street photography. For portraits, incredible.
Mamiya has never reached a large audience in the Netherlands with the only exception: Mamiya C330. I don't really know why, but as for medium and large format most Dutch professionals and amateur photographers have always been focused on Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Linhof and Sinar.
I myself have worked with multiple Hasselblad cameras for over 25 years, I once held a Mamiya RB67 in my hands, indeed big and heavy, but as a commercial photographer the RB67 or RZ67 have never been a serious consideration.

Yes, it works wonderfully in studio with both strobes or hot lights and I like the ratio for portraits with minimal crop if go square.
So, you'll remove the rangefinder and the Bracket(?) on the side, "convert" to a digital back?

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