Its my first camera so be hard on me :)


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Sep 15, 2010
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Pls be hard on my pictures,
Ps: I Just Got My Camera 4 day's ago








i posted a thread last day, but it whas to late, so no comment :(
#1 I kind of like the sun but not the flare...get a lens hood...or a coated filter...or both

#2 C? What is there to?

#3 My favorite...nice job

#4 I don't like the shallow DOF on the fence which is apparently the leading line...but its OOF and almost everything else is for the most part sharp...I don't get it if this is something you were going for...perhaps angle yourself to the left more and have the fence thing going off into the distance at an angle

#5 Blown out highlights...this is one of those photos that need some HDR treatment

#6 You cut her fingers off...the subject is apparently the ball in the hand since the child human's eyes are looking towards it...recompose so you show better the subject...same angle is fine...just bring more of the ball and hand into view

#7 You blew the sky into bright white which draws my eyes away from the human...which is, I am assuming, the subject of this photo. This is a time when you want to expose for the sky and fill in with some sort of lighting either fixed lighting or flash...preferably off-camera

Welcome to TPF...enjoy your time here, I hope you find us all to a be helpful resource!
Be hard on your pics? Why?

I like your eye and I really like #5 and #3.

The focus is bad on #4. I think you should have focused on the closest part of the rail, not further ahead. The image has a weird abstract look to it, which I like, but it also has a dizzying effect on my eyes (or maybe I just need a cup of coffee). I think if there were something lying on the ground on the left side in the back... like a body -

I'd like to hear what you have to say about your pictures. I think they're interesting.
I actually like the flare in #1.

#2 doesn't do much for me subject wise. However, I've seen people take photos of different letters like that and sell them for a couple bucks each. People buy them to spell out words in an interesting way.

#3 is quite nice. I like the contrasting colors.

#4 I agree that you should have focused on the foremost part of the rail. Otherwise, I like the composition.

#5 The top right corner is blown out. But I think the only way you could have prevented that would be to do an HDR or have lots of external lights to work with.

#6 stake about two or three steps back so her head and hand are not cut off. Either focus on her eyes, or the ball, not her shirt, lol.

#7 Blown sky. Someone already mentioned how to fix it, so I won't repeat.

All in all, these are above average for a beginner. Especially if this is your first camera of any kind. Read up on exposure and composition (I think you've got composition pretty good, but it's good to know why your composition works). Good work!
I'm too inexperienced to comment, but I really like #3 as well. Very nice.

you just made a comment.

Bahaha. Funny. =)

#3 is nice. I like the composition and the time of day you shot it at. It adds to the photo.

#4 is probably my favorite. Good composition and nice use of depth of field.

I favor #5 as well because I tend to like photographing things and/or places that look abandoned.

And #6 is great. There is something about the photo that draws you in I feel like. I don't know it is. The colors, the subject, her facial expression. It's really good.
i love #5. #1 is cool, i like the red on the leaves

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