Its not a photography topic but don't bother going to see the new James Bond


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Jul 10, 2014
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The only thing original about Spectre is its ham fisted script even Daniel Craig looks haggard. Themes, Scenarios and characters are lifted from previous incarnations watered down with a terrible script and a convoluted plot resulting in 2 hours and 30 minutes of gruel. :emptiness:

I like Bond movies, usually, as they are a least watchable but this was terrible outmanoeuvring the one thats meant to be the worst ever and the Pierse Brosnan ones. The theme tune is bad, admittedly the opening credits give it an edge but in what is a classic Bond pre opening sketch of a silhouetted man whirling around two shoot the viewer the gun shot goes off before the man has fully aimed. :cokespit:
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That is the result of trying to build new upon an old foundation.

I wasn't planning to see it, but thanks for the heads-up anyway.
then dont go see the last witch hunter
then dont go see the last witch hunter

We were thisclose to seeing that last night but then read the reviews and decided to skip the movie and just have dinner.

Too bad about the new Bond film, I loved the first one with Daniel Craig but the sequels have been sub par and very convoluted, IMO.

Neither of these could possibly be any worse than the last truly horrible movie I saw a few months ago - Hitman Agent 47. We had no idea it was based on a video game, it was a last minute substitution when we were late for the movie we wanted to see. It was so bad that people were laughing out loud. A 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.
I heard it was a bust.
even Daniel Craig looks haggard
With his reaction in a recent interview, I'd expect that. He apparently didn't like making it and said he'd rather kill himself than make another.

That said, I'm not really a fan of his brusque comments in the interview, and those comments have made me think less of him.

I tend to like the Bond franchise/movies. They're fun and absolutely ridiculous. Exactly what I want to see in an action movie. I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking with these movies... we know the characters and the storylines.

Daniel Craig Can't Imagine Doing Another James Bond Movie: 'I'd Rather Slash My Wrists'
If you want an action movie, you might like John Wick. It doesn't have that classic flair that James Bond has, but it was surprisingly well made and acted considering it has Keanu Reeves as the gunslinger in a role that, from a glance, seems like it would better fit Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis.

The fight choreography is top-notch.

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